Harzdrenalin suspension bridge at the Rappbode Dam.

Highlights in the Harz Mountains

Take a break with your family

Whether you want a peaceful vacation in the countryside, the opportunity to discover historic towns and nearby sights or simply the chance to spend time with your family, the magical Harz region is the perfect destination.

Wernigerode, the most colorful town in the Harz, is sure to make you feel welcome. It is the ideal starting point for a variety of trips in the surrounding area. The Harz is the highest mountain range in northern Germany and the perfect location for hiking and mountain biking. It is ideal for anyone who wants an active holiday or is simply looking to relax. Spoil yourself with some downtime.

Our sample tour will give you an overview of the most attractive sights and the most interesting destinations in the Harz region. The timings are guidelines for your travel planning.


Day 1

  • Your first stop in the Harz is in Wernigerode, The Wernigerode tourist information center will be happy to help you get to know the town. You can discover it for yourself by taking a walk afterward.
    • You can stroll through the narrow cobbled alleyways around the market place and admire the picturesque half-timbered facades.
    • The Café Wiecker is the perfect place to take a break and sample the coffee and cakes. Don’t miss the cakes baked to traditional recipes from the region.
    • The building at Kochstraße 43 is one of a kind. In the mid 18th century, ingenious builders fitted a two-story house into a gap just under three meters wide between two other buildings – it’s the smallest house in the town.
  • You’ll only find smaller buildings in the Miniature Park in Wernigerode, where more than 60 regional attractions have been reproduced on a small scale with amazing attention to detail. By contrast, the neighboring Bürgerpark offers the opportunity to try its exciting climbing tower or simply to relax in the themed gardens.
The market square in front of the Wernigerode town hall.
Half-timbered houses in the old town of Wernigerode.
In front of the miniature castle in the Citizens and Miniatures Park Wernigerode.
© State Chancellery and Ministry of Culture Saxony-Anhalt

This special German tradition is a lot of fun and makes a great souvenir of your vacation: With the Harz Walking Badge (Harzer Wandernadel), you can record your trips through the mountains. On the many paths you will find more than 200 hiking checkpoints, most of them at viewpoints or interesting locations that are well worth a visit. If you collect enough stamps at the checkpoints, you will earn a badge.

Day 2

  • After breakfast, you travel in style to Wernigerode Castle, either on the miniature train or by horse-drawn carriage.
    • The castle was built above the town between 1110 and 1120 and was once the home of the counts of Wernigerode.
    • In more than 40 rooms in the castle, authentic furnishings and fittings dating back to the end of the 19th century are on display.
  • The Casa Vita in Breite Straße, which serves delicious Mediterranean dishes, is the ideal venue for lunch.
  • The Megazipline at Harzdrenalin offers an action-packed adventure.  Providing you’re feeling brave enough, you can sail along the longest double zipline in Europe, which is around 120 meters above the valley.
  • If the weather is bad, why not try a visit to the Rübeland caves. These are among the oldest and most famous natural caves in Germany. In this underground world, the colorful stalactites and stalagmites are a magical sight.
  • The Wendefurth reservoir lies immediately below the Rappbode dam, surrounded by picturesque woods. Visitors can explore the lake in pedalos or on dragon boats.
  • Another possibility is a visit to the Aviation Museum, which is home to more than 50 airplanes and helicopters. They illustrate the past, present and future of flying and are fully accessible to visitors. Make your visit truly unforgettable with a simulator flight.
Wernigerode Castle.
© IMG / Lüder Lindau
View of the suspension bridge.
© IMG / Maximilian Wiesenbach
Harzdrenalin suspension bridge at the Rappbodetalsperre.
© IMG / Lüder Lindau
The dripstone caves of Rübeland.
© IMG / Matthias Sasse

Day 3

  • Be sure to have a substantial breakfast, because today you’re climbing the Brocken – at 1141 meters, the highest mountain in the Harz range. But don’t worry, the climb is not difficult on foot. You also have the option of taking the historic Harz narrow gauge railway.
    • A ride on the steam railway is a nostalgic experience with all the charm and style of the Hogwarts Express.
    • Once you’ve reached the top of the mountain, you can visit the National Park Visitor Center where there is a multimedia exhibition covering every aspect of the varied history of the Brocken.
    • At the Brockenwirt restaurant you can enjoy traditional German dishes, such as pea soup made to an old-fashioned recipe.
    • The route back down the mountain is the Eckerlochstieg, one of the most popular paths in the Harz, which takes you to Schierke (2 hours).
  • The final highlight of your visit is a ride on the Brocken Coaster. This toboggan run, which winds its way downhill through dense pine forests, is open all year round.
  • Another option for the afternoon is a trip to the Feuerstein Arena in Schierke, where leisure activities for all the family are on offer in the summer months, including bouldering, roller skating and minigolf.
The traditional Harz narrow-gauge railway.
© Quedlinburg-Tourismus-Marketing GmbH / Andrea Fleischmann
Hike up the Brocken mountain.
© IMG/Nordombord

Devil’s Wall in the Harz Mountains.
© IMG / Matthias Sasse
Hiking on the Harzer Hexen-Stieg near Thale.
© IMG / Lüder Lindau
Collegiate Church of St. Servatii Quedlinburg.
© IMG / Lüder Lindau

The town of Quedlinburg is just under 30 kilometers from Wernigerode. With more than 2100 half-timbered houses dating back over eight centuries, it is one of the largest heritage areas in Germany and a UNESCO World Heritage site. On your tour of the town, make sure to pay a visit to the Collegiate Church of St. Servatius and its magnificent cathedral treasury and to try Baumkuchen or tree cake in one of the town’s stylish cafés. This is a delicacy that is popular all over Germany.

Day 4

  • On your last day in the Harz, you can find out more about the region’s magical history. On the Hexentanzplatz (the witches’ dance floor), Walpurgis night is celebrated all year round to drive away evil spirits.
    • You can reach the witches’ dance floor on the Thale cable car, which offers impressive views of the often mysterious valley of the River Bode.
    • The Harz mountain theater
    • The zoo in Thale is home to more than 70 different native species of animal, including wolves and bears, all living in large enclosures.
  • You can enjoy a snack at the Hexentanzplatz before heading off to the Bodetal thermal spa. It offers the ideal opportunity to relax in both body and spirit and is the perfect place to round off your vacation in the Harz region. From the spa pool you can enjoy a stunning panoramic view, which will be a memory you’re sure to treasure.
  • At the Bodega you can enjoy Spanish evenings with tapas and Mediterranean dishes
  • The Kartoffelhaus serves good plain food in a cozy setting
  • The Mampfy offers burgers and American dishes with regional ingredients
  • George Clooney celebrated his birthday at the Orchidea where authentic Asian cuisine is served
  • On the menu at the Piazza Colombe are home-made pasta and the finest Italian delicacies
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